Thompson International Speedway Event Postponed Sunday 10/06/13

Due to inclement weather, the Thompson Speedway Event today (10/06/13) has been postponed. For more information please contact

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Thompson International Speedway Cancelled September 14-15

The Thompson International Speedway event scheduled for Sept. 14th and 15th is cancelled due to weather related delays in construction and repaving of the autocross track. Please contact us to reschedule your drive time to the Oct. 5th or 6th event. Thank you.

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Experience the Legend of Monaco


It’s almost a universal fantasy to drive a performance vehicle through city streets.  Heads turn, the exhaust notes echo off surrounding buildings, and every red light is a new opportunity to feel the impressive torque of the machine.  It is often, idling at these lights, one imagines what it would be like to clear the streets, disregard the stop signs, and speed through the streets.  On the west coast of France, fantasy becomes reality in the Circuit De Monaco.

This world-renowned circuit stretches across the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, and passes adjacent to the Harbor of the Principality of Monaco.  Expensive yachts line the harbor, exuding the luxurious taste and culture of the cities.  Sun and warm breezes permeate the atmosphere throughout the track.  The consistently narrow circuit is littered with sharp corners and 180 degree turns, making it as challenging as it is beautiful.

It is this essence of this track Circuit One brings to New England.  The Monaco Circuit has inspired the design of Circuit One’s autocross experiences.  The courses embody the same characteristics of the legendary track, with challenging corners and exhilarating sprints.  Explore upcoming events to discover when this experience comes to your neighborhood!

Shell Ferrari TV Advert – “Circuit” from Prancing Horse on Vimeo.

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Imagine Yourself Here.

2009 Ferrari California

Circuit One is ready to launch into the new year with some extreme events planned.

Learn More.

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