Manor’s New Car Is Still in the Shop

Some things take a little extra to perfect, and that seems to be the case with Manor’s new car that was expected in 2015. Now, the announcement has been made that we will not see the car until 2016.

So what’s the cause of the wait? The Manor Formula 1 team wants to introduce a new chassis to allow for maximum time to be spent on development.

This, in all honesty, is quite a smart decision on their part. If you are developing an integral part of a machine that goes more than 200 miles per hour, the saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry” applies nicely.


With its drivers at the helm of a modified 2014 car this year, they originally planned to introduce a new car late in the year to celebrate their 11th hour revival. Right now, their plans will have to wait, but fans and team alike are curious about their developments after hiring some key personnel (including former Mercedes technical director Bob Bell).

Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon told AUTOSPORT, “The rate of development of that chassis has been good and the optimum time to push that button was getting pushed back. Everyone is confident that when the next car comes along, it will be a major step forward.”

This is promising news from a team that faced mounting financial pressure in the 2014 season after the untimely passing of its star driver, Jules Bianchi.

Do you think Manor is ready for a 2016 comeback into the spotlight? Let us know in the comments below!

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Can Lewis Hamilton Be Beat?

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has a tight grip on the Formula 1 rankings right now, but his teammate Nico Rosberg of Germany won’t settle for the back of the pack. Hamilton’s breakthrough this year may have caused some discomfort between the two.

Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda was quoted saying Lewis Hamilton is “unbeatable” in his current form. Yikes. Not exactly the most encouraging words for the entire team!


At the Belgian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton took his tenth pole position and sixth win of the season. This extended his lead even more so over Rosberg in the drivers’ standing. On the basis of his recent performances, Lauda thinks Rosberg will need his Mercedes teammate to make a serious mistake in order to stand a chance of beating him.

Do you think Hamilton can hang on? Or will Nico overtake him? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Story of Bruce McLaren

The story of Bruce McLaren is not unlike many other Formula 1 racers. He encountered his own hardships and through sheer skill was able to overcome them to rise to the top as one of the most formidable racers (and engineers) in all of Formula 1.

Bruce was born August 30, 1937, in Auckland, New Zealand. As a youngster, Bruce contracted Perthes disease in his hip, which resulted in his left leg being shorter than the right. Bruce didn’t let that stop him though. He hung out in the workshop of his father’s racing club, which is where he formed his own passion for racing.

Fast forward many years, he was quickly moving through F2 after getting noticed at the New Zealand Grand Prix in 1958. He joined the Cooper factory F1 team in 1959 after many outstanding performances and won the United States Grand Prix that year, becoming the youngest ever GP winner (not including the Indianapolis 500) up to that time. In the midst of his illustrious career, he founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd, which remains in the Formula One championship simply as McLaren.


At McLaren, Bruce developed his own Formula 1 car in 1966; he debuted it at Monaco and qualified in 10th place as the driver. In the British Grand Prix that same year, McLaren Racing scored its first point in a Formula 1 Grand Prix when Bruce finished sixth.

As McLaren crossed the finish line that day, he began the history of a team that would continuously lead the pack in terms of technology and the course. Unfortunately, Bruce never got to see the highlights of his work. He died while testing the McLaren M8D at Goodwood in 1970. The rest, they say, is history.

What is your favorite moment of McLaren history? Let us know in the comments below!

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LaFerrari. Five Facts About Its Beauty, Speed, and Power.

If there’s one car we would pick as the ultimate package, it would be the LaFerrari. When you look at it, it’s hard not to smile. The car itself is an engineering marvel and is built to be a seriously powerful and fast car. (Not to mention it’s nice to look at.)

Here are some fast facts on the newest model:

  • The LaFerrari is the first production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid solution – the HY-KERS system.
  • The 6262cc V12 engine produces 800 CV and the electric motor a further 12o kW (163 CV) for a total of more than 960 CV.
  • It has received six awards including “Car of the Year” from the show Top Gear and “Best Super Sportscar” from Auto Zeitung.
  • Most of the tub is made of T800 – a first in the automotive sector – to make sure the right materials are in the right place. T1000 unidirectional tape also is used in the passenger compartment area for increased protection.
  • It goes from 0 to 200 KM/H in less than 7 seconds and has a maximum speed of around 350 KM/H.


Ferrari is being very particular with its newest release; it has only made 499, and has not revealed plans to continue production. So, what do you think? Are you a fan of the new LaFerrari? Let us know in the comments below!

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McLaren Ready to “Light Up The Track”

McLaren’s MP4-30 was nicknamed the “size zero Formula One car” by the team for its distinct sharply tapered rear end. This allowed the Honda engine to operate at higher temperatures than other engines which is helpful in the midst of the hot summer. There’s good news for the McLaren team though, Ron Dennis, the chief of the team believes his team is getting closer to hitting the sweet spot of its Honda-powered MP4-30, which will allow it to “light up.”

Given the car’s performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Dennis believed it had the potential to secure a top-10 grid slot, even before Fernando Alonso securing fifth place and Jenson Button in ninth. Dennis told, “I think what we took away from the weekend most is our pace. We had problems in qualifying which masked the potential to be between 8th and 12th. And our race pace was good.” He also confirmed that the main problem his team has encountered, has been the lack of Tyre temperature to switch the control Pirelli rubber ‘on’. He explained, “One of the things that we wrestle with is the Tyre temperature. We just don’t have the level of overall performance to generate the heat in the Tyre.

While it has been a tough start for McLaren in the beginning of the season, they now currently equal their 1980 position of ninth in the constructors’ championship. Dennis admits that keeping the team inspired, which has been accustomed to high levels of success, has been difficult. “Maintaining motivation in the team in these sorts of situations is challenging,” he allowed. “But it is really there. It can either pull the team together or it can separate the team.

Do you think that McLaren will be able to pull off an upset after the summer break? Comment and let us know!

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What Formula One Cars Could Look Like in 2017

It’s no secret that years of careful planning and engineering go into making Formula One cars.

The video here is an animation done by Giorgio Piola – he based it on a Mercedes W06 Hybrid. It shows what Formula 1 cars could like in 2017, when new regulations come into play.

What are some of the noticeable differences that will come into play?

Wider Rear Tyres

These will increase up to 420mm (compared to the 380mm ones used now). The greater contact patch will give cars more “muscle” and higher mechanical grip.

Longer Nose

The car’s nose will extend 200mm further towards the front starting from the front axle, while the front wing width could increase from the current 825mm to 925mm.

Lower Rear Wing

This will be substantially lower but with a greater projection towards the rear of the car: the top flap is down from 945mm to 800mm, while the lower flap is down to 600mm from 740mm.

Longer Diffuser

To increase downforce, the rear diffuser will be longer. The side plates of the rear wing will be inclined towards the rear.


What do you think of the changes to the body style? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thompson International Speedway Event Postponed Sunday 10/06/13

Due to inclement weather, the Thompson Speedway Event today (10/06/13) has been postponed. For more information please contact

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Thompson International Speedway Cancelled September 14-15

The Thompson International Speedway event scheduled for Sept. 14th and 15th is cancelled due to weather related delays in construction and repaving of the autocross track. Please contact us to reschedule your drive time to the Oct. 5th or 6th event. Thank you.

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Experience the Legend of Monaco


It’s almost a universal fantasy to drive a performance vehicle through city streets.  Heads turn, the exhaust notes echo off surrounding buildings, and every red light is a new opportunity to feel the impressive torque of the machine.  It is often, idling at these lights, one imagines what it would be like to clear the streets, disregard the stop signs, and speed through the streets.  On the west coast of France, fantasy becomes reality in the Circuit De Monaco.

This world-renowned circuit stretches across the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, and passes adjacent to the Harbor of the Principality of Monaco.  Expensive yachts line the harbor, exuding the luxurious taste and culture of the cities.  Sun and warm breezes permeate the atmosphere throughout the track.  The consistently narrow circuit is littered with sharp corners and 180 degree turns, making it as challenging as it is beautiful.

It is this essence of this track Circuit One brings to New England.  The Monaco Circuit has inspired the design of Circuit One’s autocross experiences.  The courses embody the same characteristics of the legendary track, with challenging corners and exhilarating sprints.  Explore upcoming events to discover when this experience comes to your neighborhood!

Shell Ferrari TV Advert – “Circuit” from Prancing Horse on Vimeo.

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Imagine Yourself Here.

2009 Ferrari California

Circuit One is ready to launch into the new year with some extreme events planned.

Learn More.

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