Choosing a better electric car

Currently the electric car attracts more and more motorists. Its accessibility to consumers has improved a lot in recent times, unlike before. Nowadays, the supply of electric cars by different manufacturers continues to multiply.

The criteria for choosing an electric car

Apart from the type (compact, SUV…) and the big brands, there are many elements that must be considered by standard drivers and racing drivers when choosing an electric car. The autonomy of the car is one of the criteria to take into account when choosing this technological car.

Of course, this is done according to your travel/travel needs. Example: if it is for use in the city, choosing a model with a great autonomy is not very essential. Also, you should take into account the availability of the car’s on-board chargers.

Other than that, the equipment of an electric car should not be neglected. For example, the heat pump (very useful in some areas), heated seats… they allow the car not to consume too much energy.

The price

The change in the price of an electric car usually depends on the make, model or type of car you choose. Urban electric cars, for example, are often cheaper compared to SUVs. The latter cost about 83,000 euros, while city cars are around 33,000 euros.

Since the award of the ecological bonus of 6000 euros was cancelled, the price of these modern cars with GPS navigation has taken its importance. As a result, cars priced less than 60,000 euros have become the only one to benefit.

The European standard

Also within the framework of a healthier environment, a European standard has been put in place to reduce pollution caused by cars. Indeed, it imposes on all new cars a certain threshold to be respected in terms of the polluting gases emitted. The main objective is to put cleaner cars into circulation. In Belgium, for example, the new cars on the market meet the Euro 6 standard, currently.

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How to become a racing driver

Haven’t they ever dreamed of being spectators at the Grand Prix of vintage cars, but of sitting themselves in a race car? Here you’ll find how to do it. Basically, it’s very simple.

Go calmly

In fact, it’s not that complicated to go to the start with a race car, and the race itself is not that difficult. You can read below in three steps how to do it and how to make money by becoming a professional race driver: you need a race license, refractory driving equipment – and of course a race car.

But you don’t need to buy it right away, you can also rent a vehicle and a service first and see if this whole thing gives you pleasure.

But it’s important to take one thing into account: you probably won’t be Formula 1 world champion anymore, which is why you can race calmly. And even if it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended before the first use of an ordinary driving course, with addresses the German Motor Sport Federation. After all, the old saying: “To be first, you have to arrive first”.

The racing license

The driver’s license alone is not enough – before the first use, you need a racing license. Don’t worry, you don’t need to get an additional driver’s license for the circuit – the historical license for motorsport, short for H-Lizenz, you will simply get from the German Motor Sports Federation: the site’s request to download, complete, obtain the medical certificate of fitness to race from the family doctor, send it to the family doctor, send it Ready.

The total costs 189 euros per year (239 euros if you are not a member of a big club like the ADAC or the AvD), which allows you to drive virtually everything except GP racing cars and prototypes in the historical field. For these, you need an international C license, but it only exists when you have reached the top 50 in your class five times in one of the other classes.

But although no courses or other courses have been requested for the normal H licence, Dietmar Lenz of the DMSB urgently recommends a driving course: “You learn the correct behavior on the circuit and especially the signals of the flag.” One- to two-day courses start at 600 euros, the addresses of the organizers are available at the DMSB.

Racing driver

The equipment

Not only do you look as bold as Steve McQueen, but the fireproof suit and helmet are supposed to protect you in an emergency.

Let’s not turn around: motorsport can be very dangerous. If, on the north loop, you take the section of the airfield in wet weather in a slight drift or if you rush into the fox tube at more than 200 years of age, you should do everything possible to be protected in the event of an accident. For example, in the case of a historic passenger car, a solid roller cage, six-point belts, etc. (see also the next chapter).

The optimal driver protection starts with the helmet: drivers of closed cars gladly take the open helmet, but the closed variant and the stable visor are recommended, especially for formula carts – especially because stones are always raised by the previous passenger. Current helmets are usually equipped with HANS recordings, the “Head and Neck Support” is intended to stabilize the driver’s head in the event of an accident. Here too, the decision whether or not to use the system often rests with the driver.

Buying race cars

One day you’ll want to have your own car with GPS navigation for your tour trips – maybe from the start. Anyone who inquires as a beginner in the driving camp, quickly discovers that there are in fact no private cars ready to run or GT below 20,000 euros.

Ready to run means that the car is built according to the rules of The FIA’s Annex K. It does not contain illegal adjustment measures such as a more modern engine, more cylinders, modernized brakes or anything like that, which does not leave the technical marshals leaving you on the tracks.

In addition, there are safety features: a recognized tracksuit cage, a stable race seat, six-point belts, an emergency extinguisher and fire extinguishers. And of course, a valid FIA card that confirms that everything is accurate.

For 20,000 euros, we then find with a little luck an Austin-Healey Sprite, from 25,000 euros also an Alfa Giulia, and with that we are already quite sure the road. Some now dodge in the youngtimer review, because there are sometimes already for only 10,000 euros and Audi 50 or Polo. Now, what happens willingly: Especially beginners racing gifted for crafts think that everything is better and cheaper.

GPS navigation for car

In every walk of life, you will find that a lot of difficulties can now be dealt with a lot of ease owing to the progress in technology. These days, it is nearly impossible to get lost when you are on a road trip if you have a GPS navigation system in your car. A GPS system also ensures that you are provided with information regarding the fastest route to your destination.

Sometimes, you also get details about the traffic status, thereby saving you from a lot of trouble. There are various options available in this regard. You can either opt for using your smartphone for this or get your hands on a GPS navigation unit for your car. Both options have their own pros and cons. We are going to focus on the GPS navigation for a car.

Various factors to focus on

There are numerous factors which would influence your decision. The price of the unit, the features that it has to offer, and its screen size and portability are some of the important factors.

People tend to prefer to have a built-in GPS system in their car. This ensures that they do not end up in trouble if the battery of their phone dies on the road or if their phone incurs damage.

For your personal information, you can see on this link the functioning of the connectivity on Android auto, Apple carplay and Mirrorlink.

Built-in navigation units are meant to be installed on the dashboard. Some have a touch screen, while others can be operated via steering wheel controls or voice commands. These systems work through satellites, so you would not have to worry about losing your way if you lose the service on your cell phone.

You will encounter various options on the market when you go to purchase a GPS navigation for the car. The first thing you would need to make sure is that you opt for a system that is compatible with your car. You should then pay attention to the features provided by the device. Also note that products are also subject to the liability regime for defective products (Articles 1245 and following of the Civil Code). That is why we have to take into account the information that the unit is able to provide. The price of the unit is also an important factor. The GPS navigation system is intended to provide you with ease and feasibility. Therefore, you should strive to make the most of the opportunity available by getting your hands on the right option.

How does connectivity work – Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink?

A majority of manufacturers now offer the compatibility of their on-board infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple Carplay or even Mirrorlink, sometimes under a system name of their own to limit the expenditure of money of the buyer. How do we navigate this jungle of systems and, above all, what are the concrete benefits? Deciphering these different ways to relay your smartphone’s content on the on-board screen without the help of a mechanic.

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gps car radio systems: the best audio quality on board your car

Many people want to have comfort in their car in addition to the performance that the latter can provide for driving. Car manufacturers are redoubling their creativity to provide more comfort to their vehicles. As per the top on-line web agency, the usb car station is however the main point of this requirement of simplicity and the choice of the right equipment is based on the consideration of certain criteria.

The operation of a USB car station

The features of the old car radios were really very limited compared to what is currently on the market. The time when they only included AM / FM standard radio, a cassette box or a CD player is no more. It is therefore quite surprising how the gps radio car systems have evolved over the years to become perfect accessories for driving and driving.

The fact that the USB car models have improved a lot does not suggest, however, that they have really changed in their operating principle. Some devices will still be essential for the operation of audio equipment. The gps tool itself will have to be complemented by an amp and speaker in proper form.

The concept of a usb car station

Even if you enjoy various premium auto equipment for your car, you will never really be able to enjoy it if you do not add a good USB car to your car. The multifunctional USB car station supports the music and video distribution for the other elements of the audio installation of an automobile.

It is for these reasons that the acquisition of a multimedia USB car station must be conducted with caution. As such, it will be necessary to study many features relating to car equipment.

In addition, you can connect your phone to your car radio by following the indiaction on the

Audio quality according to your purchasing power

The market for multimedia car GPS equipment is rather developed and includes accessories of all brands for varied budgets. It would always be wise to establish a specific budget for the purchase of a replacement USB car. This will save you from spending hours estimating the price of a model you are not likely to buy.

Best GPS Mobile Software

Back when there were no roads that enveloped the earth, navigation was a very popular art among sailors, who aided in the navigation of ships and vessels in the never-ending waters that surround us. In those times, navigation was an art that required experience and calculations with geometry and astronomy as well as the use of special instruments. But we live in the 21st century; GPS navigation systems are now in our pockets and are easy to use with just a few taps on a screen. On that note, let us introduce to you the incredible innovation of GPS navigation software.

Best GPS Apps for iPhones

Apple products are globally well-known and have gathered a lot of supporters. It’s very common to see an Apple-devoted fan or gadget lover. iPhone applications, too, ensure user-friendliness and functionality that is unparalleled. Some of the best GPS apps for iPhones are:

Google Maps

It is easily one of the most popular applications for GPS navigation, and many of its users would undoubtedly say that it is the best GPS app out there. Google Maps provides an interactive vector-based map animation and accurate tracking of speed and location. The only features that Google Maps can improve on are providing speed limits for roads as well as more lane assistance. Other than that, the application is, hands down, the best GPS system and it’s completely free.


Waze is an application that provides efficiency and communication since the maps are updated according to user-generated traffic information, which means that the traffic information as well as the routes are up to date and reliable. These features make it stand among some of the best {}GPS applications.

Here Maps

If you need a reliable application with offline maps, Here Maps is the one for you. This application ensures that you will find your way even when you don’t have an internet connection and can come in handy in emergencies. It is one of the best GPS navigation applications that needs only a little improvement to be the very best.

Best GPS Software for Android

The constant competitors of Apple products, Android phones and software, guarantee ease of use, reliability and impeccable flexibility. According to information from x-com, most of the software provided by Android phones are easy to use, and some of the best GPS ANDROID trading software are listed below, excluding those already mentioned for iPhones.

BackCountry Navigator GPS Pro

At a reasonable cost, this software comes with the ease of GPS navigation even in areas with fewer roads and gives offline topographical maps of any terrain, which makes it the best GPS software for hikers, adventurers, and campers.

GPS Essentials

This software provides an informative interface that shows various stats including your average speed, distance traveled, ETA to the destination and a lot of other features. GPA Essentials is easily one of the best GPS software for use.

Best GPS Software Overview

Google Maps and Waze are applications that are available for both Android devices and iPhones, and both of them are the best picks and are highly recommended.

Car Stereo with Bluetooth

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and though keeping up with it can be difficult at times, we know for sure that it is only making our lives easier and more entertaining. Technology is not just limited to handheld gadgets, home appliances, or computer-related devices; it also applies to cars. For a person who likes cars and spends a lot of time on the road, one of the most important things that technology has improved is car stereos. Now car stereos come with amazing features that enhance the music experience, allowing us to listen to music in the best quality ever.

At first, you were just limited to listening to songs via radio, CD, or cassettes, whatever was in those days. Gradually, sources to connect to your car stereo increased and now you have the ability to plug in a few different outputs with your car stereo and listen to your playlist.

Personally, we believe that being able to connect your cell phone to the car stereo is one of the best ways to listen to music. It eliminates the hassle of downloading songs and copying them onto a USB or burning them to a CD, which just makes it difficult to organize all the CDs or USBs in the car.

There are a few ways that you can connect your car stereo to your phone. One of the best ways you can do so is through Bluetooth.

The process of connecting to your cell phone via Bluetooth is pretty simple. A few steps and you have established a smooth connection between your phone and the car stereo.

Step 1-Turn on the Bluetooth of your car stereo.

Step 2-Change the settings of your car stereo to Bluetooth.

Step 3-Go into the settings of your phone and choose Bluetooth.

Step 4-Turn on the Bluetooth and make sure that it is visible to all devices.

Step 5-Search for your car’s Bluetooth and establish the connection.

Step 6-Once the connection has been created, go into your playlist and play the song of your choice.

Step 7-Keep the phone within the connectivity range and enjoy the music while you drive.

The only downside of connecting to your car stereo via Bluetooth is that you will need to keep your phone near the stereo at all times as Bluetooth connections are only established from a short distance.

The best part about having Bluetooth is that it allows you to not only play your songs on the car stereo but also receive calls through it. The speakers of the car stereo will allow you to hear the sound of the person calling you and the small receiver inside your stereo will catch your voice and transmit it to the person on the other end. This hassle-free way of receiving calls is more convenient and safer than using your cell phone to receive calls while driving.