Choosing a better electric car

Currently the electric car attracts more and more motorists. Its accessibility to consumers has improved a lot in recent times, unlike before. Nowadays, the supply of electric cars by different manufacturers continues to multiply.

The criteria for choosing an electric car

Apart from the type (compact, SUV…) and the big brands, there are many elements that must be considered by standard drivers and racing drivers when choosing an electric car. The autonomy of the car is one of the criteria to take into account when choosing this technological car.

Of course, this is done according to your travel/travel needs. Example: if it is for use in the city, choosing a model with a great autonomy is not very essential. Also, you should take into account the availability of the car’s on-board chargers.

Other than that, the equipment of an electric car should not be neglected. For example, the heat pump (very useful in some areas), heated seats… they allow the car not to consume too much energy.

The price

The change in the price of an electric car usually depends on the make, model or type of car you choose. Urban electric cars, for example, are often cheaper compared to SUVs. The latter cost about 83,000 euros, while city cars are around 33,000 euros.

Since the award of the ecological bonus of 6000 euros was cancelled, the price of these modern cars with GPS navigation has taken its importance. As a result, cars priced less than 60,000 euros have become the only one to benefit.

The European standard

Also within the framework of a healthier environment, a European standard has been put in place to reduce pollution caused by cars. Indeed, it imposes on all new cars a certain threshold to be respected in terms of the polluting gases emitted. The main objective is to put cleaner cars into circulation. In Belgium, for example, the new cars on the market meet the Euro 6 standard, currently.

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